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Back to School Elixirs

EF Educational Tours | 2018

Back-to-school is an exciting time for teachers. It’s also hectic. Between the excitement of meeting students and the stress of school-supply runs, they go through a ton of emotions, but have no time to deal with them. To help, we created a virtual escape where teachers could get little moments of relaxation or inspiration.


The Studio, Boston

To introduce each elixir, we asked teachers one question: "How are you feeling?"

The “Personal Pep Rally” Elixir

The “5-Minute Recess” Elixir

The “Teacher ASMR” Elixir

The “Lasting Impact” Elixir

The “Little Lab” Elixir

To get the word out, we created Facebook ads that displayed our “clinical trials" and gave teachers a quick look at the Elixirs themselves.

The “Clinical Trials” Phase