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HSEY Exchange Stories

EF High School Exchange Year | 2018

Our students’ stories continue to be a key part of our communication strategy. They showcase what the exchange year is all about and are inspired by the authenticity of the different experiences our students share during their program.


EF High School Exchange Year Creative

A Sustainable Concept.

There are shared aspects to every student’s exchange – they all stay with a host family, attend classes at a local high school and they embrace a new culture. But it's the new people that students meet, the lifelong friends they make and the adventures they experience what makes every exchange unique. The concept behind every story is the same, but they are always different.


On many occasions, social media is where we first engage with our
 audience. At this stage we sell the idea of going on exchange before promoting our brand.

It's Real

The challenges and ups and downs our students experience during their year are real and very much part of every exchange year. Our program is not for everyone – but it’s an amazing and enriching experience for the right ones. It’s important our message is conveyed in an honest, transparent way and our stories are examples of what a year can look like. Our goal is to have a story for every of our customer to which they can relate to.

Lena showing her year in Ireland

The Final Step

After having inspired through engaging content and once we get our customers thinking of their own exchange story, we start talking about how EF can offer its services and how to make their dreams come to life.

Printed Material

What's an exchange year