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Hult EF

Hult EF Corporate Education | 2021

Hult Ashridge and EF Education First are uniting under one banner, Hult EF Corporate Education, and combining their best-of-class capabilities to provide companies with the most complete language training, executive coaching, and management training in the market. We created a new brand to honor this alliance.


EF Global Creative Studio London Studio EF Corporate Education

A balance between academic and adventure

Within EF, all our products sit on a spectrum between academic and adventure. It is reflected in the new brand by blending classic academic design, rooted in academia and mid-century modernism, and modern adventurous design, which seeks new trends and ideas.

The beauty of the brand is that it deftly communicates both a sense of traditional academic integrity through its use of conservative type, layout, and color, as well as a sense of bold innovation via unexpected shapes, shocking patterns, and dynamic compositions.

Hult EF Corporate Education Logo

A natural color palette

Hult EF Corporate Education operates in a B2B environment, and our new color palette reflects that. The aging copper is the ‘heritage’, representing the strong academic foundation of the MBA. It also touches on the organization’s experimental, digital and adaptive nature.

We extended the color range based on copper’s properties. When copper ages, it oxidizes and matures into a unique green, conveying heritage. There is also a vibrancy and intensity which expresses joy and transformation.

Business cards

Shapes and biz marks

Shapes are one of our expressive graphical elements used across print and digital. These graphics take inspiration from the award-winning Hult brand and the corporate world of charts and infographics.

The scribbles or biz marks are a nod to innovation. When you get big ideas, you put a pencil on paper and sketch them out. These marks are evidence of action and ideas.


Our patterns bring science into an innovative world. The repetitive nature also has a process of dissipation, where the patterns ‘fizzle out’. The patterns are versatile and can be used to shout or make a bold statement. They can also be a subtle texture in the background.

Merging pattern and shape

Unified Graphics

All our graphic elements are used across the board to complement complex themes, communicate concepts through new perspectives and even tell stories in rich and attractive ways. We are a people-based business, so we want to show the people. The brand uses two different genres: business portrait and lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography that is usually used within full-bleed photography in editorial layouts helps with the brand identity and helps viewers identify with the brand. Presenting a scene that communicates emotions to the viewer.