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Hult International Business School Mascot

Hult International Business School | 2018

Hult’s student body voted for a wolf mascot, and the creative team came in action to represent this unique international business school.


EF Global Creative, Lucerne

Meet Asha.


To create an out-of-the-ordinary wolf for this innovative business school, we chose to represent strong female leadership and the Hult culture through the higher attributes of wolves: instinct, experience, creative intellect, curiosity and resourcefulness.

Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” which is what the Hult education offers: preparing students to be able to recognize and seize opportunities, whatever shape they take. Case in point, the leaf alighting on this wolf’s head, representing the unexpected and ephemeral nature of opportunity – and originating from the ash leaf in the Hult logo.

We chose UK illustrator James Ward, whose style perfectly expresses this contemporary, maverick character with a relatable humanity.

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The ash leaf comes from the tree of knowledge and represents life, rebirth, growth and change.

Asha swag, to be rolled out across Hult campuses in 2019.

The making of Asha.


Illustrations by James Ward