Cultural Care Au Pair Brand Refresh

Cultural Care Au Pair | 2019

Under the mantra of “Travel. Learn. Grow.” the challenge was to turn the intimate experience of family into a global movement towards tolerance and to unite the host family and the au pairs' worlds to be the largest and most trusted au pair organization in the world.


EF Global Creative, Lucerne Cultural Care Au Pair, Boston

The Logo

The host family and the au pair are depicted by two overlapping hearts representing the experience, the unity, a blended family and cultural exchange.

Au Pair


The Identity

The combination of the brand elements, such as the pin shapes (the overlapping part of the hearts), the frame and the colors , convey an identity that is fresh, fun and hip yet sophisticated, trusworthy and authentic. Through the use of different hero-colors within a shared color palette two audiences can be approached within one brand.

Au Pair