EF Pro Cycling

EF Pro Cycling | 2022

EF Pro Cycling is Education First's professional cycling team. The Global Creative Studio was tasked to redesign the website and create a brand to represent a team as versatile as its members without taking attention away from what is important: the sport itself.


EF Global Creative Studio EF Pro Cycling

Art direction inspired by editorials

The EF Pro Cycling website hosts a curated selection of articles, events, and insights. Therefore, we opted for an editorial approach that instantly conveys the website’s intention and sets meaningful foundations for future work. We communicate this intent through dividing lines and tight margins, synonymous with traditional news outlets.

The editorial-inspired layout further makes for exciting reading by immersing our readers in the story. And the minimal interface acts as a backdrop to support and celebrate the beautiful photography that carries the team’s ever-evolving identity.

Uniting all things cycling

The EF cycling world is rapidly expanding with the men’s team, Team EF Coaching, and our newly acquired women’s team. We want to create something that connects them more than just by name: cue, EF Pro Cycling: the overarching home for all things cycling at EF.

The website collects our cycling teams and efforts under one roof while leaving room for future cycling endeavors.

Featuring riders, races, and stories

Riders, races, and blog posts are not separate things. They all coexist to tell the story of our team. We want this connection to reflect in the content and the website’s structure. Meaning, readers should to be able to seamlessly move between posts, rider profiles and events.

This was accomplished by introducing a “featured” section to posts, rider profiles and events. Making it possible for readers to stay up to date with their favourite riders and events.

Celebrating on social media

For social touch-points, we leaned into the brand's more brutal, psychedelic, and cut-through graphical treatment to celebrate their iconic identity while retaining editorial foundations that keep content structured and communicative.