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Team EF Coaching

Team EF Coaching | 2021

Team EF Coaching is elite-level coaching, for all kinds of cyclists. Our goal was to match Team EF Coaching’s brand identity to their passion for training, racing, and hard work.


EF Global Creative Studio EF Pro Cycling


“While we may not have had the flashiest teams, we have always had the best coaches and mentors. We love to nurture, to push, and to maximize the talent of each and every person in our organization. We want to teach people. How to ride a bike better. How to meet their goals. How to exceed their expectations. Maybe we’ll find a few undiscovered talents capable of reaching the professional ranks along the way, too.” - Jonathan Vaughters

Hero image

A flashy new logo

The new logo was inspired by our foundational approach to EF product lockups. We expanded our 11.5 slashes to contain the EF Pro Cycling identity. The crop conveys a peloton, or team, moving forward together; and faster.

A dynamic brand identity

Our identity is inspired by the 2019 EF Pro Cycling impactful EF Pink and complemented with tones of deep blues and purples to express energy and motion. Adapting EF Pro Cycling’s modern and powerful graphics is a nod to the team’s core image uniquely contained within this new product offering.

Colour palette


EF Circular Typeface

Style and Weights

EF Circular with a gradient

Staged candid photography

The branding of Team EF Coaching utilizes a gradient palette of purple, pink and blue hues. The direction of photography focused on complementing the brand by using bold colors and tones. We injected an energetic feel in both colors and subject matter.

Cycling outfits were dressed in navy, light blue, pink, and black. These outfits had a strong contrast against the blue skies.

The main focus of the shots was to showcase a staged candid, to show the coaching spirit.

Balancing brand expression in the UI

The UI style is simple but not empty, stylish but not overloaded. This project is an excellent example of the core/expression model that aligns all EF products. Built on our brand guidelines and UI Kit core, the Team EF Coaching website approaches the consistency we share across EF, with the brand’s unique expression comes into play with the white spaces complemented bold color and typography.