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EF Brand Guidelines

EF Brand Guidelines | 2017–2019

The G.U.D., or Grand Unified Design, is our adaptable system of guidelines and tools that help our distinct EF products appear related at a glance. Grand Unified Design is a collaboration between designers and developers to create consistency across EF touchpoints. At EF, we live by a simple belief: the world is a better place when people try to understand one another.


EF Global Creative Studio

The Core and Expression

Our new approach creates consistency across all EF designs while keeping a flexible platform for individual expression. The core/expression model aligns all EF products around a core, using a tight set of design rules. Beyond this core, there’s an area dedicated to individual product expression, which is where designs can flourish and connect in a more targeted way with your audience.

Digital G.U.D.

Although most brand guidelines live in the world of print, our digital brand guide is the platform that we will use to drive the new identity within EF. This digital space is the source of all the G.U.D assets and allows us to share up-to-date information, news and assets throughout the organization. This sparked conversation and collaboration between designers and developers, expanding us to deliver UI assets and ready-made code.

The Result

Our creative teams have taken these unified guidelines and produced inspiring products across the EF spectrum. With over 300 creatives based worldwide and six global design hubs, our G.U.D. strategy ensures that all the products are unified in the EF universe.